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Energy Conservation Troubled by Insect Problems? X-PER Air Curtains can solve your insect problems without the use of pesticides. Learn More Energy Conservation Interested in Energy Saving X-PER Air Curtains can help reduce energy loss and lower your electricity bills. Learn More Energy Conservation Air Curtains for Food Service Air Curtains are recommended for Food Service Facilities according to FDA/NSF. Learn More Energy Conservation Medical & Health-Care HEPA Air Filter Our HEPA Air Purifiers are suitable for Biohazard and Isolation areas. Learn More

Air Curtain for Blocking Insects

For Food and Medical industries

Air Curtain for Cold Storage

Ambient temperature -25 degree C

Air Curtain for Pickups and Trucks

12VDC and 24VDC Versions Available

X-Per Air Curtain

Air Curtain for blocking insects
Air Curtain for Cold Storage
Air Curtain for Pickups & Trucks

X-Per is one of the leading Air Curtain manufacturers in Asia. We offer the most complete range of Air Curtains, covering all sizes and types suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

Apart from Air Curtains, we now offer other range of Air Movement products, including Air Coolers, HEPA Air Filter, and Fume Extractors.

With our flexible manufacturing system, we could offer product customization according to the customers’ requirements, at a very very low MOQ. Get in touch with us to learn more.

We Are Now a BOI-Promoted Company.

Air Curtain Manufacturer Since 2001.
Horizontal Air Curtain XQ-5 Series

Horizontal Air Curtains are the conventional type commonly used worldwide. They produce a top-down airflow that deviates into two separate air streams above the floor.

Vertical Air Curtains for blocking insects model VQ-9 comparing different height

Vertical Air Curtains are designed to cope with modern architectural design trends that favour very high doors and tall ceiling. They are characterised by two air streams from both sides that converge at the centre of the door.

Concealed Air Curtains are a special type of Horizontal Air Curtain whereby they also produce a top-down airflow but the whole units are normally concealed in the false ceiling. 

AirScrub APX series are used in Medical and Health Care facilities for air filtration and ventilation. They are suitable for Isolation areas, Laboratories, Biohazard areas, etc.

Industries That We Serve

  • Food Processing & Food Service

    Insect Blocking
  • Medical & Health Care

    Energy Saving / Insect Blocking
  • Cold Storages / Warehouses / Malls

    Energy Saving
  • Airports / Metro / Bus Terminals

    Energy Saving / Dust Blocking