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Arrival Bus Gates

Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse
ProblemsStrong inward draft into the Bus Gates
EffectsUnstable Interior Temperature
SolutionHorizontal Air Curtains (Heavy Duty)
BenefitsHot Air Blocking, Energy Saving

Strong Inward Draft From Runway

Airport Buses are a common means of transferring passengers from the planes to the Arrival Gates. Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse building is equipped two Arrival Bus Gates, one for Domestic flights and one for International flights. Due to strong inward draft from the runway into these Bus Gates, hot air from outside could enter the Concourse building and raise interior temperature to the point of discomfort for passengers.

Suvarnabhumi Airport implemented X-PER Heavy Duty Air Curtains at all their Arrival Bus Gates to alleviate this problem. Apart from direct benefit of increased passenger comfort (due to cooler and more stable interior temperature), there were also other benefits such as less odour & dust and lower electricity usage as well.

Horizontal Air Curtains
(Heavy Duty)

Block hot air and exhaust fume from outside

Happy Passengers

Increased comfort due to less air pollution and more uniform interior temperature

Less complaints to Airlines

Airlines received less complaints regarding bus-transfer discomfort from passengers. 

Thank you!

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